Thursday, 6 December 2012


There are events in our lives which we always remember and another one was added last night when we heard the very sad news that our pal Marley had passed away. When I say 'our' I mean not only us three and four legged furs but also our typists who patiently type our thoughts into twitta. Marley's typist did the same but he succeeded, where many fail, in capturing the personality of Border Terriers.

If we have a sense of humour, a way of talking, likes and dislikes then Marley's family managed to communicate this to us via twitta. There was always a wise word, a cheery greeting, a warm welcome to new pals and tales of squirrel watching and chasing. We laughed at his comments about poor Lola and we lived every up and down in his health over the last few months.  What we all secretly dreaded was the sad news we heard last night (5 December 2012)

We are all very sad, there have been bucket loads of tears but as he himself says we mustn't be sad for long.  Marley's fund raising for Terrier Rescue and The Dogs Trust had hopefully helped many fellow furs find new homes and lead long and happy lives. How ironic that his life should be so short.

So pals lets remember our dear pal Marley and others that have passed OTRB with happiness on this day next year and in the meantime make donashuns to either Terrier Rescue or The Dogs Trust in his memory.  Rohan, via Dad

Thursday, 9 August 2012


On Wednesday 8 August we had a pawsome gathering of 10 BTs and an honourary BT for the day, Spot who is normally a JRT.

Here is group photo, we hope we get this right. Front row, left to right, Meee!, #flatgimli, BarneyBT, Cornish Barney, #flatmarley, Harvey and Isacc. On table, Pepper, Scruff and Molly
Back row, Scrappy Nelson, Jack and Spot (on ground)

Scrappy Nelson's video

Scrappy Nelson
Cornish Barney with #flatgimli
Jack and Molly
Rohan, Scruff and Spot
Barney Coleman
Spot, a BT for the day!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Well, we is now back from our holibobs and here are some of the highlights of #rohanontour in May 2012

Me and Tilly
Beautiful Sunsets at Muasdale looking across to Islay and Jura
Getting ready for adventure to Gigha
On the train from Eskdale to Ravenglass

Any tennis balls out there?

'Driving' off the ferry at Gigha

White sand on Gigha

I found a football to kill!

Back onto the Gigha ferry

Its a hard life!

Holibobs wagon at Muasdale
It rained a lot
Loch Lomond where it rained for 36 hours
Too wet for ducks
More rain, at Kielder Water
Inchcree Forest near Fort William
This little video shows how to cross a stream without getting too wet.  We were in Inchree Forest near Fort William and this trail is a 'Wades Road'

A bit shaky as was taken from the RohanMobile

Kielder Water
More to come and Photos of Leo Border at Leo Towers with #flatmarley and our great pal GimliBT who came with his Mum and Dad to visit us at Clumber Park

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Puppy days

Here are a few pictures of me in the early days. I was 7 and half weeks old when daddy collected me from the breeders, the Youngs, who live near Peterborough.
Me and my brothers
Take me
Hello Daddy!

In my new bed, exhausted
Early learning

Testing the bed
Must be something good down here!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


All us BTs like toys. Fact. We like tough toys that are heavy and have ropes so we can swing them about. My favourite toys are from Kong and are Wubba and Tugga and they last pretty well but we all know about #destructogang so toys MUST be destroyed. I don't have many soft toys and I hate the rabbit in the picture below.

All my toys have names and I fetch each one by name. This is fun and keeps our brains active.

My Toy Collection

BTs love tennis balls of course and I have 20 in the house. A lot of these are ones I find in the park or on the beach.

Some of my Tennis Balls

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Meeting Pals

One reason for having a blog is so we can post pictures of our pals who we meet on our travels. Recently, at All About Dogs in Ipswich, we met Alfie, Lola and Mr & Mrs M from Feelwells. Here we all are in their stand. They do very tasty noms and treats.

Mr M, Lola, Mrs M, Alfie and me

Why I'm called Rohan

Well, we all have names but daddy was a bit stumped when I arrived with him. He is a sailor and had clothes from Musto so I nearly got called that but he also had lots of clothes from Rohan. This was a bit unusual and unique so that's how I was named. Now I don't get any free stuff from Rohan but the staff of the Rohan shop in Cambridge are very nice to me and I was 'displayed' in the window.  No buyers though.

In the window with Rachael who was very nice

With Rachael and Jay who was also very nice

Hello friends

Hello to all my Border Terrier, and other four legged pals from twitter. Special hellos to Marley, Lexie, Zoe, Terence, Leo, Gimli, Griff, Brodie, Alfie, all the Barneys, Monty, Jilly and so many more who can remind me! A special hello to my fiancé Tilly who is a Lakie but I forgive her.