Saturday, 16 December 2017

BTposse Tweetups - 2018

Date Time Location Organiser/Contact

15 April Warwick Racecourse @HendrixBT @ThomasATerrier

28 April 12pm Clumber Park @Hamish_hrh 

13 May 12pm #BTSurreyPicnic Headley Heath, Surrey @ClaptonTerrier

3 June Hyde Park or Regents Park @EmmaMeaden1

30 June 2pm Kelpies, Falkirk @ThomasATerrier

7 July 2pm Eskdale, Lake District @ThomasTheTerrier

14 July 12pm Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk @RohanTheBT

5 August 12pm Dunbar @EricTheBorder @ThomasATerrier

18/19 August #Ehup6 Beverley @EricTheBorder @MaggieMayBetsy

6 October Delamere Forest, Cheshire @Oly050505

Thursday, 24 November 2016

BTposse Tweetups - 2017

Date Time Location Organiser/Contact

8 October Burnham on Sea @SassVH

15 October Warwick Racecourse @ThomasATerrier

19 November London, Regents Park/Primrose Hill @EmmaMeaden1

Thursday, 26 November 2015

BTposse Tweetups - 2016

Date  Time  Location  Organiser/Contact

January 2 2pm Chester Countess of Chester Health Park & Canal @InspJapp

February 6 10am Ashdown Forest, Hartfield @SkipperTheBear

* March 20 Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex @Toddy_BT

April 2 11am Brixham, Devon. M'Eartie Twup @OfficeJunior12

April 16 Clumber Park, Worksop @Hamish_hrh

April 23 12pm Burnham on Sea @SassVH

May 8 12pm Headley Heath #BTSurreyPicnic @RohanTheBT

May 29 Warwick (Racecourse) @BonnieBT13

* June 26 Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex @Toddy_BT

July 3 10am Croome Court NT, Worcs @BonnieBT13

July 24 Cairngorms, Scotland  @ThomasATerrier

August 20 Beverley #Ehup4 @MaggieMayBetsy
August 21 Hornsea #Ehup4

September 17 Saunton Sands, N Devon @OzzyAndLayla

September 24/25 BorderFest South Mersea Island, Essex @Toddy_BT

November 20 11am. Croome Court, near Pershore, Worcs @BonnieBT13

* December 11 Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex @Toddy_BT

* Essex Border Terrier Owners

Monday, 4 November 2013

BTposse Tweetups - 2015

Date, time, location and organiser


15 Feb 10.00 St Ives Estate, Bingley @ScruffyTerrier

21 March Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset @SassVH

4/5 April Brixham, Devon @OfficeJunior12

11 April 12.00 Wells Next Sea, North Norfolk @RohanTheBT

18 April Clumber Park, Nr Worksop, Notts.  @Hamish_hrh

19 April Hyde or Regents Park. Shaun Sheep Trail @EmmaMeaden1 & @AriGoldBT

10 May 12.00 Headley Heath, Surrey #BTSurreyPicnic @RohanTheBT

24 May 1pm Edinburgh, Crumbs of Portobello @MacBark @ThomasATerrier

6/7 June Kenilworth/Warwick @ThomasATerrier

14 June DogFest Arley Hall, Chesire @JackBTerrier

21 June DogFest Loseley Park, Surrey @CornishBarney

28 June Maidensgrove Common Nr. Junc 5 M40  'chaos on da common' @TedTerrier

18 July #BTfindShaun trail, Bristol @JackMolly3

1 August 12.00 Brean Down, Somerset @SassVH

29 August 11.00 Beverley @MaggieMayBetsy #Ehup3
30 August Hornsea Beach

5 September 2pm Putsborough, North Devon @OzzyAndLayla

11 October 1pm Daventry Country Park. Ramble for Children in Need @NorthantsBarney

17 October Haw Park Wood, Wakefield @Cal_BT #PopUpNorth

18 October 11.00 or 11.30 Ashdown Forest, E Sussex. Children in Need ramble with @Stockton_rolo

24 October Kenilworth @HendrixBT

7 November 12.30 Milton Keynes @BThooligan

21 November Burnham on Sea @SassVH

Monday, 20 May 2013

Holibobs Part 2

Ere is the next instalment of our very long holibobs. After Keswick we drove up through The Borders waving paws at fellow borders as we went. Our next campsite was on the shore of a big lake called Loch Lomond and the day after we arrived we had pawsome tweetup with good pal Monty @littledonna7 & his Mum. 

Here is Monty watching me swimming. Look at scenery!

And here is Monty and me getting treats

We then moved on to Blair Atholl, the country residence of good pal Leo @leotheborder

Leo and me (picture from Leo's Mum)

We did also meet good pal Blaze @blazespage and dad got a bit emotional as we have followed the adventures of Blaze since he was a very young puppy. 

Blaze and me getting treats from Dad

Me and Blaze doing synchronised 'paws' for Blaze's Dad

Attenshun please, pose for picture

Was the Highland Games at Blair Atholl and I've entered tossing of the caber but I has to get this big stick into the arena, tug, tug, tug. Do I get prize for biggest stick?

And finally this very well dressed Major Band man or something did pose for picture with me.

And finally finally we were relieved not to see Border Terrier on this menu, seems every other poor anipal is fair game

More updates next week

You can see a video of our tour so far here

Holibobs Part 1

Ello pals. As you know we have just started a very long holibobs to Scotland. During the packings I found a stowaway, it's my little pal RoRo @roroterrier who somehow found his way into my rucksack. 

Our first stop was in Clumber Park where we had arranged to meet Bertie @midgeunique He is a very nice BT and we had a short walk but arranged a longer walk the next day. 

Our walk next day was very exciting as it involved Bertie taunting the swans and being interested in baby geese much to anger of their parents. 

We also did swimming together though this mainly involved me trying to stop Bertie getting hold of my tennis ball. 

After a long walk with Bertie we has to have a long sleep. 

The next day we had long drive into place called Yorkshire where we paid a visit to the first Rohan shop to be opened. It's in Long Preston and a message had been sent to them to expect us. I was very well treated by the lovely staff of Marti, Paula and Gill.

Finally we reached Keswick in the Lake District. Here we had arranged to say ello to Bella and her mum, Lyn @krguidedwalks and here we are with her dad too. 

The next day it rained only as it rains in the Lake District. It rained all day so we stayed in the holibobs wagon. 

The next day we went back into Keswick to do some shopping for me at Podgy Paws (a pawsome place to visit) and here I am with staff member Fraser outside. 

We then went on a very long walk along a disused railway track to Threkeld. But of course I found some lovely smelly fox poo to roll in which really pleased Dad. We had to go back to Podgy Paws for special shampoo and I was treated to a cold shower. 

While in Keswick we also said hello to Christeen at 'my' shop there. 

We now having a rest day as I have sore paws from yesterday's walk.

Friday, 29 March 2013

BTposse Badge

Ello BT pals and friends. A suggestion was made a while ago that the BT posse on twitta needs a badge. So we asked Mr Gimli's dad if he could use his clever artistic talents to design a sew on badge that we could have made for posse members.  And pals will be pleased to know Mr Gimli's Dad used an image of Marley for the design.  Cornish Barney's Mum organised the making of the badge and a nameless pal paid for the badges.

So finally after some designing, redesigning, cogitation here is the #BTPosse Badge!

Now pals, dont all rush at once to ask for one, there are some rulz and conditshuns to read furst.

The badges are free to you but we are asking that for every badge a donashun of £5 or more is made to either The Dogs Trust or Terrier Rescue. Dollurs will do too but not Cyprus pounds or other dodgy currency. Please don't make a donashun before you have received your badge.

The badges are intended for members of the BTposse on twitta.  These are tweeting BTs (and BT crosses) but we are also giving them to owners of BTs on twitta, and a handful of 'honorary' BTs whose names have been provided by TerrierTypist.

The badge committee was myself (Rohan), Cornish Barney and Gimli and in order to spread the work between us in distributing the badges we have a plan!

If you, or the youngest BT in your pack is between 0 and 3 send DM to @CornishBarney

If you, or the youngest BT in your pack is between 4 and 7 send DM to @RohanTheBT (me)

If you are 8 or older send DM to @GimliBT

Only one badge per BT will be sent out I'm afraid as this is a limited edition.

Any questions please ask one of the badge committee