Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Why I'm called Rohan

Well, we all have names but daddy was a bit stumped when I arrived with him. He is a sailor and had clothes from Musto so I nearly got called that but he also had lots of clothes from Rohan. This was a bit unusual and unique so that's how I was named. Now I don't get any free stuff from Rohan but the staff of the Rohan shop in Cambridge are very nice to me and I was 'displayed' in the window.  No buyers though.

In the window with Rachael who was very nice

With Rachael and Jay who was also very nice


  1. wE dUs sAyS dEy iS lUcKy tO hAvE yOO oN dA sALes tEaM! :-)

  2. We got quite a bit of interest afterwards. I think we could've sold you loads of times but I heard your Daddy say you're priceless.