Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Hello friends

Hello to all my Border Terrier, and other four legged pals from twitter. Special hellos to Marley, Lexie, Zoe, Terence, Leo, Gimli, Griff, Brodie, Alfie, all the Barneys, Monty, Jilly and so many more who can remind me! A special hello to my fiancé Tilly who is a Lakie but I forgive her.


  1. Ello for you my pal and welcome to bloggin. Good luck wiv it. I make one suggestion: add a "follow" button or a "subscribe by e-mial" funkshun to da blog and this allow other Bloggers to be sent message when new blogs is done. Dat way , we dussnt miss anyfing. Oh....he he....now i do see the "subscribe" fingy at the bottom of the comments box. Pawsome

  2. Oh no....that was just subscribin to comments....hey ho.

  3. Looking forward to hearing about all your travels in your holibobs wagon Rohan. Like your new bloggy pal BOL!!