Wednesday, 25 April 2012


All us BTs like toys. Fact. We like tough toys that are heavy and have ropes so we can swing them about. My favourite toys are from Kong and are Wubba and Tugga and they last pretty well but we all know about #destructogang so toys MUST be destroyed. I don't have many soft toys and I hate the rabbit in the picture below.

All my toys have names and I fetch each one by name. This is fun and keeps our brains active.

My Toy Collection

BTs love tennis balls of course and I have 20 in the house. A lot of these are ones I find in the park or on the beach.

Some of my Tennis Balls


  1. Hi Rohan, Kath&Woody here. Nice to see your new blogspot. Woody asks if you steal, sorry 'borrow', tennis balls from other dogs from under their noses, or are you more subtle ?

  2. I steal them sometimes. Daddy has to carry spare ones to bribe me with so I give back the ones I steal. Last one was from a beach towel on the beach. Its a tennis ball, its mine!

  3. Me an Lola dont rilly play wiv toys. Dad says we is weird....Lola sumtimes carry her fezzunt about but that be it. Just every now and again we fight over a ball but it be rare indeed