Thursday, 9 August 2012


On Wednesday 8 August we had a pawsome gathering of 10 BTs and an honourary BT for the day, Spot who is normally a JRT.

Here is group photo, we hope we get this right. Front row, left to right, Meee!, #flatgimli, BarneyBT, Cornish Barney, #flatmarley, Harvey and Isacc. On table, Pepper, Scruff and Molly
Back row, Scrappy Nelson, Jack and Spot (on ground)

Scrappy Nelson's video

Scrappy Nelson
Cornish Barney with #flatgimli
Jack and Molly
Rohan, Scruff and Spot
Barney Coleman
Spot, a BT for the day!


  1. Hurray! Dat be the best posse foto ever seen....glad you all had a great time and we were very sorry not to be there wiv you.

  2. Dearest Rohan
    We had a really special time with you and your dad at #BT8812. Dad loved talking boats with your dad. Hope you got a nice walk on Graffham woods the next day. Love Pepper and honorary Spot. x

  3. Wot a good picture! Looks like a crackin' day and I hopes to be an honorary BT at da next one!

  4. Brilliant border terrier picture perfect posse there! Gruff Respect, wish I was there - so many handsome pictures of perfect 4 Leg Furs, made us smile! Love Barnie (becoming such a popular name now I see!) x

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    Love that pic! I hope you share.

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