Thursday, 26 November 2015

BTposse Tweetups - 2016

Date  Time  Location  Organiser/Contact

January 2 2pm Chester Countess of Chester Health Park & Canal @InspJapp

February 6 10am Ashdown Forest, Hartfield @SkipperTheBear

* March 20 Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex @Toddy_BT

April 2 11am Brixham, Devon. M'Eartie Twup @OfficeJunior12

April 16 Clumber Park, Worksop @Hamish_hrh

April 23 12pm Burnham on Sea @SassVH

May 8 12pm Headley Heath #BTSurreyPicnic @RohanTheBT

May 29 Warwick (Racecourse) @BonnieBT13

* June 26 Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex @Toddy_BT

July 3 10am Croome Court NT, Worcs @BonnieBT13

July 24 Cairngorms, Scotland  @ThomasATerrier

August 20 Beverley #Ehup4 @MaggieMayBetsy
August 21 Hornsea #Ehup4

September 17 Saunton Sands, N Devon @OzzyAndLayla

September 24/25 BorderFest South Mersea Island, Essex @Toddy_BT

November 20 11am. Croome Court, near Pershore, Worcs @BonnieBT13

* December 11 Wat Tyler Country Park, Essex @Toddy_BT

* Essex Border Terrier Owners


  1. YIKES...i see dat yoo comin Edlee Eef agave Rohan my pal...betta get da place sproose up

  2. Yes old friend, we coming to disturb your peace and quiet at eadlee eath again. Better get the place neat and tidy for all your pals

  3. Canno wayt to see everyfur at #ehup! Frum Mista Hippy


  4. We looking forward to meeting you! Woof