Monday, 20 May 2013

Holibobs Part 2

Ere is the next instalment of our very long holibobs. After Keswick we drove up through The Borders waving paws at fellow borders as we went. Our next campsite was on the shore of a big lake called Loch Lomond and the day after we arrived we had pawsome tweetup with good pal Monty @littledonna7 & his Mum. 

Here is Monty watching me swimming. Look at scenery!

And here is Monty and me getting treats

We then moved on to Blair Atholl, the country residence of good pal Leo @leotheborder

Leo and me (picture from Leo's Mum)

We did also meet good pal Blaze @blazespage and dad got a bit emotional as we have followed the adventures of Blaze since he was a very young puppy. 

Blaze and me getting treats from Dad

Me and Blaze doing synchronised 'paws' for Blaze's Dad

Attenshun please, pose for picture

Was the Highland Games at Blair Atholl and I've entered tossing of the caber but I has to get this big stick into the arena, tug, tug, tug. Do I get prize for biggest stick?

And finally this very well dressed Major Band man or something did pose for picture with me.

And finally finally we were relieved not to see Border Terrier on this menu, seems every other poor anipal is fair game

More updates next week

You can see a video of our tour so far here


  1. Ello Rohan, yous sure avin a gud time, I likes Blair Athol too an av camped on da site in me tent. Luvly to see you meetin so mani pals. It be rainin ere today but last year we went to Gairloch, Wester Ross an it didn't rain eva. Bella.

  2. Woof ha ha...exclellent werk my pal...I dunno abowt all that swimmin tho...i dussnt approve of swimmin

  3. Hey, I can't seem to find your email. I had a quick question about your blog! Can you email me?


    1. What is your question? Happy to answer it here

  4. Hi Rohan, I just found your blog site. I live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada but grew up in Felixstowe, Suffolk until I was 18. How cool is that. Love seeing the pictures of home. I have a border terrier called Zack (they are rare in Canada can you believe). Check out Zack's blog