Friday, 29 March 2013

BTposse Badge

Ello BT pals and friends. A suggestion was made a while ago that the BT posse on twitta needs a badge. So we asked Mr Gimli's dad if he could use his clever artistic talents to design a sew on badge that we could have made for posse members.  And pals will be pleased to know Mr Gimli's Dad used an image of Marley for the design.  Cornish Barney's Mum organised the making of the badge and a nameless pal paid for the badges.

So finally after some designing, redesigning, cogitation here is the #BTPosse Badge!

Now pals, dont all rush at once to ask for one, there are some rulz and conditshuns to read furst.

The badges are free to you but we are asking that for every badge a donashun of £5 or more is made to either The Dogs Trust or Terrier Rescue. Dollurs will do too but not Cyprus pounds or other dodgy currency. Please don't make a donashun before you have received your badge.

The badges are intended for members of the BTposse on twitta.  These are tweeting BTs (and BT crosses) but we are also giving them to owners of BTs on twitta, and a handful of 'honorary' BTs whose names have been provided by TerrierTypist.

The badge committee was myself (Rohan), Cornish Barney and Gimli and in order to spread the work between us in distributing the badges we have a plan!

If you, or the youngest BT in your pack is between 0 and 3 send DM to @CornishBarney

If you, or the youngest BT in your pack is between 4 and 7 send DM to @RohanTheBT (me)

If you are 8 or older send DM to @GimliBT

Only one badge per BT will be sent out I'm afraid as this is a limited edition.

Any questions please ask one of the badge committee