Thursday, 6 December 2012


There are events in our lives which we always remember and another one was added last night when we heard the very sad news that our pal Marley had passed away. When I say 'our' I mean not only us three and four legged furs but also our typists who patiently type our thoughts into twitta. Marley's typist did the same but he succeeded, where many fail, in capturing the personality of Border Terriers.

If we have a sense of humour, a way of talking, likes and dislikes then Marley's family managed to communicate this to us via twitta. There was always a wise word, a cheery greeting, a warm welcome to new pals and tales of squirrel watching and chasing. We laughed at his comments about poor Lola and we lived every up and down in his health over the last few months.  What we all secretly dreaded was the sad news we heard last night (5 December 2012)

We are all very sad, there have been bucket loads of tears but as he himself says we mustn't be sad for long.  Marley's fund raising for Terrier Rescue and The Dogs Trust had hopefully helped many fellow furs find new homes and lead long and happy lives. How ironic that his life should be so short.

So pals lets remember our dear pal Marley and others that have passed OTRB with happiness on this day next year and in the meantime make donashuns to either Terrier Rescue or The Dogs Trust in his memory.  Rohan, via Dad